Brief moments of life, stored in our psyches – The Neutral

Does the psyche function in the neutral?

There is no guided thought to the neutral. The neutral consciousness, vis-a-vie, i.e., universal, functions independent of thought. Whether we look at a bird, and our memory reminds us – “it is a bird”, or, we have to decide to make relevant choices such as shopping and involving in simple activities – the neutral never demands anything… because there is no point of sensory desire functioning in a state of the absolute.. where thought isn’t the absolute force controlling us.

The function of the psyche, involves the unconscious and subconscious mind. Whatever is stored in our deepest memories of the subconscious replicates itself into various emotions, and actions – created from known and unknown desires. What remains unknown to the human being, and yet happens to replicate in a repetitive pattern, as all beings find it difficult to explain their own impulsive reactions based on different emotions – is the constant function of the unconscious mind. The accumulated memories which are partially visible and mostly invisible to our awareness, shapes up into a personality of every being.

The psyche does not become irrelevant, when the mind attains a neutral state, where thought process is totally absent.There is always a space gap in between sequential thoughts. Either we notice this gap or we don’t. We have a choice to notice this gap or we don’t, depending upon the density and restlessness of the thought force which plays a dominant factor in our memories. This duration of this gap varies from a millionth of a second to a couple of seconds to minutes, to hours.. and it can even extend for days, months and years. The psyche even though functional throughout our lifetime, enters cessation whenever the gap of silence arises between thoughts.

This gap between thoughts is not a short space like a container holding biscuits with relevant space between one another. This gap is limitless, but seems short and is not visible to the conscious mind, because the latter is predominantly muddled up with stored memories of imagery perception of the finite world. This gap we notice between thoughts is the neutral consciousness. This neutral state exists in every being, and is infinite in nature, just like every thought exists in every being. So, whether the psyche is functional or not – the neutral consciousness is always passive witness to the surfacing thoughts – like particles floating on the river stream.

The psyche does function in the neutral state of mind regardless the owner of the thought. It is simply a matter of power of detachment from thought memory. If we create or invent something, we still may not want to possess it, and simply give it away, or, may override with pride of ownership. This is the basic difference between the psyche functioning in a neutral state of mind holding onto the identity, that it is functional, or dropping the identity altogether, to allow this gap of the neutral between thoughts to become predominant allowing its infinite nature to resuscitate by realizing, thoughts are nothing but energy clouds which can be vaporized, and recreated, once the infinite nature takes over our personalities.

to be contd..


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