Emptiness – A hollow treasure

What is it like to live in a world filled with impossibilities? Everyday, at least for the past 22 years I have begun to question the impossible which discourages and thwartsthe possible activity of the mind which seems to resurge with new energy of ideals, old patterns and even forgotten plans of implementation which still continues to get thwarted by an impossible factor in the neighbouIng environment. Blame the institution or simply apply a Java or HTML for for hundred years to make your losses minimal to continue living on debts. Try everything to race ahead of expenditure to avoid the credit. Is there a gap between spending and saving and does energy drain and exhaust when we depend money while creative intelligence rejuvenates increasingly while saving up?

In the process of a busy schedule there is a mind constantly looking to understand itself as creative genius and original. The mind does not have sufficient memory to realise that the original idea was picked from a soap advertisement or a commercial or a Bill Gates who is unwilling to share anything original except multiplication of his thought.

So, are we relying on an OS believing it to be the opening Window to a world or universe of immense possibilities where knowledge is infinite? If knowledge is infinite and we are reaching to realise the definition of infinity the definitely we cannot rely on ideas of pre-sold memories which are simple mantras to secure our destiny.

Infinite knowledge is a treasure but how to imagine it may be the trend of the mind. But we still fail to come close to discover THAT which gives birth to this infinity. So, relying on an idea from Bill secures one form of distributing his knowledge of Windows which operates at a governed will and this will is an occupied state of memory clogging our hollow treasure. This memory is just an education to empower the money by opening one Window to help people arrange and believe everything visible is the product of an immense impossibility of the memory and memory is never empty.

But if education has empowered the money, the energy spent has been used from a container and this container may just be a borrowed jug or a formula bought over by many to learn how to manufacture a jug while forgetting and not even coming close to noticing our innate ability to see the jug can hold emptiness.

The mind can decide to fill the jug with stones, sand, pebbles or diamonds, but water becomes the quintessential treasure. So, where do we store our minds and is our mind an object of perception and are we constantly believing this object to be the unimaginable will of creativity or creative intelligence? As much as we continue to fill up it will increase the weight load to think about that which the jug holds. But the hollow jug gives us two choices – 1) To realise it’s emptiness can behold everything and 2) To fill it with that which will sustain a constant factor of life. We may fill the jug with contentment only when we realise the sustaining factor is contentment.

Realising emptiness depends how confidently one can believe and arrive at its hollow reality to begin afresh to accept they know nothing.