Emptiness – A hollow treasure

What is it like to live in a world filled with impossibilities? Everyday, at least for the past 22 years I have begun to question the impossible which discourages and thwartsthe possible activity of the mind which seems to resurge with new energy of ideals, old patterns and even forgotten plans of implementation which still continues to get thwarted by an impossible factor in the neighbouIng environment. Blame the institution or simply apply a Java or HTML for for hundred years to make your losses minimal to continue living on debts. Try everything to race ahead of expenditure to avoid the credit. Is there a gap between spending and saving and does energy drain and exhaust when we depend money while creative intelligence rejuvenates increasingly while saving up?

In the process of a busy schedule there is a mind constantly looking to understand itself as creative genius and original. The mind does not have sufficient memory to realise that the original idea was picked from a soap advertisement or a commercial or a Bill Gates who is unwilling to share anything original except multiplication of his thought.

So, are we relying on an OS believing it to be the opening Window to a world or universe of immense possibilities where knowledge is infinite? If knowledge is infinite and we are reaching to realise the definition of infinity the definitely we cannot rely on ideas of pre-sold memories which are simple mantras to secure our destiny.

Infinite knowledge is a treasure but how to imagine it may be the trend of the mind. But we still fail to come close to discover THAT which gives birth to this infinity. So, relying on an idea from Bill secures one form of distributing his knowledge of Windows which operates at a governed will and this will is an occupied state of memory clogging our hollow treasure. This memory is just an education to empower the money by opening one Window to help people arrange and believe everything visible is the product of an immense impossibility of the memory and memory is never empty.

But if education has empowered the money, the energy spent has been used from a container and this container may just be a borrowed jug or a formula bought over by many to learn how to manufacture a jug while forgetting and not even coming close to noticing our innate ability to see the jug can hold emptiness.

The mind can decide to fill the jug with stones, sand, pebbles or diamonds, but water becomes the quintessential treasure. So, where do we store our minds and is our mind an object of perception and are we constantly believing this object to be the unimaginable will of creativity or creative intelligence? As much as we continue to fill up it will increase the weight load to think about that which the jug holds. But the hollow jug gives us two choices – 1) To realise it’s emptiness can behold everything and 2) To fill it with that which will sustain a constant factor of life. We may fill the jug with contentment only when we realise the sustaining factor is contentment.

Realising emptiness depends how confidently one can believe and arrive at its hollow reality to begin afresh to accept they know nothing.






Our contribution towards the society begins with answering the inadequacies of the individual minds by realising the completeness.

Desires are like bees looking for honey in the cactus. And thus humans like bees build desires in small worlds of entrapment instead of looking for the honey in the infinite hive.

Being different doesn’t mean achieving superiority over others. It is about simply finding constant wave of one consciousness and remaining in it through all actions of life.

Consciousness when realised as one expression through all beings – living and non-living, opens our eyes to respect, love and admire this creation, preservation and destruction just like a child creates a sand castle and destroys it once the game is over.

Aloneness is mistaken as loneliness. Aloneness opens the doorway of the infinite mind while loneliness opens the gateway to unease of company.

Power of non-violence becomes absolute when the opponent humbles to peace, love, patience and forgiveness. Non-violence is not fully functional by observing passive resistance to physical, mental or verbal assault.

Punishment for wrong acts is to be induced through introspective wisdom as a reformation of the culprit mind.

Healing is a universal nature of non-violence! Non-violence is the nature of Universal Consciousness.

Quest for life ends when a dying human, animal or plant and the planet receives the first drop of water to quench thirst.

This body lasts till the breath lasts and this earth will last till the wind lasts. This body is as immortal as the planet. It will live on and on till it can breathe.

The big fish will think it is the biggest in the world until it comes to notice a giant fish. The mind is only imagine size of matter floating on the infinite bosom of the universal consciousness.

We identify intuitive perception through the everlasting stillness which opens the mind to perceive, listen and speak as one expression of the universal consciousness to heal, sustain and strengthen life as a universal solution to creation.

Trend of civilisation is what the human organism arranges according to percption of nature educated and inculcated as knowledge.

Journey of life is realised as relief from the constant aching for joy out of sorrow when birth and death becomes an illusion.

Death of body is death of creation. Birth of body is birth of creation.

What is Sadhana?
Sadhana is repeated attempt at achieving constant state of joy, pleasure, non, peace, happiness, calm, bliss endlessly.

What is effort in Sadhana?
You as the body, beautiful, looking and smiling or crying is the effort of God.

If man kills man is it effort in Sadhana?
It is effort of God failing. When man kills man it is the effort of God failing non-violence, peace, healing, compassion, love and life. It is the One consciousness failing expression in two or more bodies. But still it is effort in Sadhana.

Absolute is not a thought reminding the needs for the body, mind and senses. The stillness of absolute is veiled by their needs.

Knowledge is realised as operation of infinite consciousness which is constant and permanent when we realise creation originating from the seed is nothingness. Knowledge is born from realising – nothing is infinite.

You inner strength is your infinite will, your path, your way, your goal, your palace.

When we lose life we we gain new breath, new space and endless time to live in liberation.

When we lose life we we gain new breath, new space and endless time to live in liberation.

Forgetting everything is knowing nothing. Knowing nothing is non-existence of ego.
Three ways to realise truth as universal consciousness – Shravanam, Mananam, Nidhidhyasanam (listening to truth, reminiscing truth, direct experience of truth).

Learning begins with passive awareness of the process originating from the infinite quietude of the mind.

Learning begins with passive awareness of the process originating from the infinite quietude of the mind.

The mind jumps in our attempts at making expression constant thus distracting the latter’s consistency, balance, poise, stopping expression from realising freedom. Infinite will is the key to realising constant expression seeking freedom.

God begins with curiosity and curiosity leads to contemplation which in turn creates confusion. Confusion is a state of mind which demands stillness. Stillness reveals the infinite nature of the mind.

Sports is an expression of the consciousness to realise every strategy played to perfection holds no motive for win or defeat or contrivance. It is to play the game watching how life moves non-violently.

Fame is just an idea, perception, evidence of the knowledge of work originating from the authority – the Creator. Fame is arranged by our memory of the entity – living and non-living.

Practice and non-attachment liberates the mind from imagery perception of fruits of action.

Freedom is the birth right for all beings living in entrapment of illusion which is the teacher testing our infinite will to fight for liberation.

Concern which bothers is not how neighbors, society and world relate with us. Concern starts with how constantly has the mind been in peace, non-violence and withdrawal in interpersonal communication.

Cause and effect in action and reaction becomes non-violent when action arises from a centralised mind.

Everywhere in this creation there are many languages spoken by all beings of varying species which communicate love, anger, hate, joy, jealousy, pride, happiness, pain and pleasure, hunger, sleep, wake, sex as activity and gender and everything. Similarly consciousness as God!

The nature of the universal consciousness is creation, preservation and destruction and the instrument is the atom.

Cost of human life is the price of mother earth and cost of mother earth is price of the solar system and cost of the solar system is price of the universe and cost of the universe is the priceless universal consciousness.

Eternity is that which happened yesterday as death of the immortality never reborn.

Destiny is the conscious being pervading eternally through all moments of past, present and future. Observe the continuity of consciousness which never changes.

Scientific research is defined by curiosity and the reason for curiosity is the intrigue of the universal consciousness. When the intrigue gets exposed the research becomes a continuum constantly realising laws of creation, preservation and destruction.

Respect, love, compassion and forgiveness toward all beings is worship of God.

Death is immortality of reality. The reality we live is dying to realize the immortal consciousness.

Reality binds me, liberates me. It is the reality which reminds me nothing in my mind and body is controlled and sustained as life.

Forgiveness is to learn to still your mind and settle in the emptiness which beholds infinite love and love is the universal consciousness.

A culture is one which is bred by sowing the seed of thought allowed to grow into a tree which shelters, nurtures and extends life in peace.

Expressions are infinite and yet the same among all beings. And they repeat infinite times as hunger, sleep, speech, action, violence, non-violence, love, hate, joy, pain, happiness, sorrow and so on.

A curse is lifted when one heals the pain of the ego by realising universal consciousness is that permanent joy which never draws the veil of imaginary picture over the physical eyes. See through the eyes of the infinite instead.

Being conscious is to be the reality which never changes.

An expression becomes God when it begins to sustain the environment as growth thus empowering each individual with infinite patience, non-violence and constant focus on the responsibility of daily action.

Friends don’t understand friendship because time never determined their expectations.

Life is movement and we follow the movement which brings us the need.

Don’t fall short of the universal consciousness by placing your immediate necessity as desire.

Freedom of expression can only be realised when we realise the movement of time is stillness.

We cannot understand and realise God until we conquer the restless mind and bring it to a state of permanent stillness and quietude and everlasting peace.

Time is consciousness. Space born out of time needs duration to change its dimension. and in the process of change space doesn’t make an effort to realise time. It only tries to catch up with time.

We can use will to remain absorbed in worries or infinite calm. But the will itself is the calm which we fail to realise as infinite strength by limiting its power with narrow perception.

Prayer is not wish, prayer is not affirmation, prayer is not reciting. Prayer is not believing existence of God. Prayer is about realising consciousness is infinite love which attained never reduces. Prayer is about holding everybody to remind and make them realise the true nature of consciousness is infinite love, compassion and healing.

Objective knowledge liberates the mind. Subjective knowledge conflicts and shrinks the mind into a narrow world of constant dissatisfaction.

To understand how the universal consciousness operates, one has to first realise how the consciousness gives birth to the universe with love. Love gives birth, diversifies and multiplies and yet all that sprouts from the origin into numerous species remain strung to the infinite love.

My cousin asked looking at her patients, “Why are so many diseased and suffering?” I was in tears as she and I felt and spoke, “In the immediate, when we look at suffering we feel care and love and compassion and look to heal. But what caused the disease is negligence and also any act committed out of motive. If we had love, care and compassion then for those acting wrong and if the person who is acting wrong had inculcated spiritual hygiene, then purity of intellect would take care of purity of flesh and purity of flesh would take care of purity of the environment”.

One definition of truth can be realised and experienced and implemented as action when one arrests all questions pertaining to God.

We celebrate the new which isn’t born yet in anticipation of a tomorrow joy. Instead of living in joy of anticipation of the coming new beginning be that ever new joy born out of that light and spread it, extend it and the worth begins to sustain every being as life and breath quenching the thirst for ever lasting peace and calm.

We live in a world of many choices which are not our choices. The choices we make are not what we choose, but what we are prompted and tempted by the available matter of gross reality.

Material comfort can only relieve pain temporarily but cannot offer comfort to the restless mind seeking permanent joy. It is only wisdom which offers permanent peace to help the human body heal, function better, move better and balance life to an efficient point of structured civilization.

Truth can never be taught. It can only be experienced and experience happens through practice and detachment. What is taught is only definition of truth, description of truth but not the truth itself.

To understand work, empty your mind. An empty mind beholds the completeness of the consciousness which is the origin to the idea, method and instrument of work.

Liberation is suffering, entrapment and oppression. When liberation happens our choices die to a limitless point of being choicelessly free from all that restricts freedom of expression.

A concept is born from a practice. The practice is born from a thought and the thought is born from knowledge and knowledge is born from knowing and knowing is born from perception. Perception is born from awakening of the universal consciousness.

Observe the world with sorrow. It is only then you will realise Joy.

When love happens it doesn’t happen momentarily and neither does it prove it as newborn. The love I.e, the cosmic mother says ‘I was always here and for once you turned and looked’.

Things happening the imperfect way is a judgemental perception but that does not give us the right to ostracise those who are facing the struggle to balance life.

The perfect peace happens when you give away everything that disturbs you.

A dream manifestation is about realising a world the way we want it to be and it can only manifest to perfection when we begin to see it is only universal  compassion which operates as one stream.

There no sugar in relishing success when failure us just round the corner. What remains permanent is attitude and the attitude is everlasting peace, simplicity, contentment, and grace of the universal consciousness.

Meditation is not about concentrating at a focal point for prolonged periods. Concentration is the beginning ending into meditation of the conscious activity of the still mind and body and soul to realise the operation of the universal consciousness through entire creation.

What happens thru the day speaks for a night’s sleep and the sleep wakes up a morning of beginnings unknown ridden with debts we owe to society.

To live in absolute peace one needs infinite patience and to live in infinite patience one needs to learn non-violence and when we live in non-violence then we love and love sprouts eternal life.

When you work you know who the fruits will go to. It is your attitude which comes to fruition of many worlds of sorrow or liberation.


Rig Veda Says – Live Together, Learn Together, Progress Together Spiritually

I am back to my pedagogic ways. I don’t know why I love talking about philosophy so much, but the ones interested out there, I thank you for reading my article with patience. I just realize that these principles are so beautiful that my personal experience with practicing them have given me wonderful results although, I love breaking rules all the time. I have already been accused by a fellow countryman and he even rated and measured me with an inch tape and said that he “thinks” I don’t practice any of the basic laws from the Yoga Sutras.

My dear brother, I really thank you for reminding me that I need to be on my toes all the time and also bring all my other friends and request them to hold hands and walk together, learn together and progress together. I have a very wonderful Sanskrit sukta (verse) to share with all the readers, if they would like to listen in voice (courtesy album – Himalayan Chants) as well as read the meaning.

Samgachchatwam, Samvadatvam, Sam Vo manaamsi, Jaanataam|

Devabhagam, Yatha purve Sam janaana Upaaasate||

  • Rig Veda

This verse means that as a community, we must be united and live together in harmony, walk together, learn together and understand each other. Everybody must hold on to one common noble thought or belief system. We can even further broaden it by saying, that the learning is more of shared wisdom. What we realize the essential truth of life to be we shall share it amongst each other commonly. If we face any strife, any terrible circumstances, then we shall stick together, stand united and support each other and face the passing storm. There are more verses after this too, which I am willing to share if the need arises.

I would like to share one small example which I noticed once when I was travelling through Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. We had visited Tso Moriri Lake and planned to stay there for about a night. This is one of the most remote regions of India where there is no electricity and no clean sanitation facilities. The Tibetans have made possible whatever they could by investing their hard-earned money to construct rooms for rent on top of their homes and many travel agents from Leh, pitch tents for tourists.

All the food supplies get transported from Leh town to all the remote areas of Ladakh. Also, the main supplies are transported from New Delhi and it is a tedious journey for 18 hours from New Delhito Ladakh. There are restaurants in Tso Moriri Lake but the food is very expensive for backpackers. The next morning we just took a walk by the lake and got back in time for lunch. There was a small eat out right in front of the Buddhist Gompa (monastery).

Both of us were very hungry and we ordered Indian Rotis and Dal and we wanted to eat a heavy meal. Probably, we would have eaten about five rotis each and till then, they said they had no more to give. We were perplexed at this as we could see that they had enough wheat flour stored but refused to offer us more only because we had the power of “money” to pay and afford. I understood immediately, that they were storing the food for the rest of their village members who would also be stopping by to eat.

This is how they stood together and supported each other. No matter they earn money or not, but supporting each other by sharing what they have and not looking to serve selfish motives needs a lot of determination. I had a first-hand experience of this when I saw them use their discrimination to look after the needs of those people who will be hungry. The attitude of caring for others is rarely noticed. Tibetans stand united no matter what happens to them.

In other cities, towns and villages, the attitude is different and I know this happens in many countries. People in general, once they start getting successful with their businesses and go higher up the ladder of monetary success, immediately tend to develop arrogance and even forget their close friends. They start giving more importance to the rich customers and when it comes to the poor and needy, they just get treated like worms or mosquitoes.

The general monetization of the society has led to this anarchy where man values another man only in terms of money. If money is going to be the deciding factor for every human to gain access to food, water, shelter and clothing, there could be nothing more degrading than this. The basic necessities of life are being decided by certain means which are nothing but the ends to die for.

I can simply say one thing that ever since the industrial revolution took place, it induced further greed into mankind. The man who thought could run a factory “conceived” the idea how he could enslave human beings and make them work for pittance and make huge profits out of it. His neighbour saw how he could compete with him. The third man from another city noticed this development and thought, “I have the resources. Maybe, I can draw a boundary and claim ownership rights and hold them at ransom. This would bring me a lot of money.”

The original inhabitants of the land of these natural resources were soon kicked out and all the corporate industries, bureaucrats, politicians and governments – the rich and powerful started kicking these minnows wherever they tried to settle down and accumulated maximum possible resources only for themselves. Human rights – What are human rights? One man attacks another’s rights to expression and even after attacking them, claims to have motivation for human rights. I would say he says, “I have the motivation to claim that I have all the human rights to attack another human’s rights to express. That’s the spirit of human rights I want, to spread in the society and inspire young individuals to follow. ” – “Applause & Whistles”

Today, all over the earth, every bit of natural resource or reservoir of resources has been claimed to be a property of the government or processing industries which leaves the common man nowhere but to hanker for a job, break his bones, sweat his blood out for a few pennies so he could afford something for his family. Is this right living? All, the economic boom, rising GDP, increasing sales in the automobile industry etc, is nothing but a mirage to show that everything is happening right.

The rich wants to earn more and gain higher success by bouncing off the next man who aims to do something equally good or opposite to what Mr. Rich has attained. As I stated the Rig Veda here, the world seems to be completely opposite of what it states. Putt one another so you can stay on top. Chop another’s head so you can prove yourself tall. Funnily, this attitude has been there in religion, but it has stepped into the spiritual world as well. When “guru A” starts to talk wisdom and sees another “guru B” rise up to fame, guru A immediately criticizes guru B and tries to defame him and pull him down so he can draw all the crowd to his party and make more out of donations. Even the self-professed spiritual guru feels insecure to lose money and fame.

This article may not sound all that interesting, or I may not make too much sense over here, (insecurity seems to get over me as well) but all I want to say is, it is time that we wake up, realize what the essential need of the hour is. We hardly realize what is more important. Is it important to look after one another’s basic needs or ignore the dying and keep on accumulating wealth? The arrogance of wealth, societal status and position has taken its toll on the human principles of civilization and has even destroyed the core of education system.

Walk together, hold your hands, smile at each other, lend a hand to the one who cannot stand, be compassionate, say a few words of love to the one who is in sorrow, give bread to the one who is starving, if you see one in need of money, don’t fear to lose your wealth but rather be fearless to share, never feel ashamed to say that you lack knowledge, but rather feel proud to say that you want to learn because you don’t know. Above all, if we see that somebody is not able to progress at our speed, then help them and support them till they can catch up, but don’t ignore them and put them through turmoil.

We need a new world order! (Do I make sense?) – Blah…blah…blah…!

Yoga – An Idea of Excellence!

Who am I to teach Yoga? Who is a qualified teacher? What makes me a qualified and dignified teacher? And, is there a point of perfection, which remains perfect forever – and is this the perfection… which certifies and qualifies me as a qualified teacher?

It upsets me to notice imperfection in many people. None of them are so qualified, and unique, and methodical to be considered as teachers. When does the teaching actually begin, and when and who decides, the teacher should begin teaching, and who names the person as the ‘teacher’?

The minute I am upset, when people start controlling others, begin deciding for themselves, then it means neither, am I perfect, nor am I liberated and free enough to disallow decisions controlling my perceptions, and senses, which get drawn by their magnetic afflictions, allusions, to step out into the world, and constantly project the “attack-defense” mechanism, to protect myself. Am I really teaching, or am I protecting myself, from being neglected, from  the fear of entering a state of withdrawal, where the entire world has begun to forget me, which finally might push me into a state of where I may remain unrecognized, and unappreciated forever?

I haven’t “Taught”, yet! That is the truth… and I have only learned – step 1, step 2, step-3 of Yoga, which is just one school of thought…. one particular  instruction… and how many hours does the mind waste on observing the perfection of body alone, and in this observation, what kind of attachment do we develop… which blocks us from understanding the neutral consciousness? The minute I admire a wonderful yogi, and want to become like him or her, am I not imitating an imitation of Yoga?

Who am I to teach Yoga? Who is a qualified teacher? What makes me a qualified and dignified teacher? And, is there a point of perfection, which remains perfect forever – and is this the perfection… which certifies and qualifies me as a qualified teacher?

The idea to excel, and constantly fighting against the fear of failure, bad performance, wrong knowledge, is another way of fighting for right knowledge. Is there a right knowledge… and is there wrong knowledge? The knowledge of any science can be right, as well as wrong, and the knowledge of being a teacher, applies the same – could be right, could be wrong!

The teacher cannot happen in me, until I haven’t arrived at the eternal moment which blossoms and flows spontaneously… which means.. there is one point in the entire lifespan.. which isn’t controlled by time, space, idea, fear…. insecurity, pride.. jealousy, arrogance, and a cribbing sense to “DO”, to “EXCEL”, which are also simply nothing but ideas. No person is qualified… to do or be anything. Even Gauthama Siddhartha, was not a qualified teacher. He never excelled in anything, and he never carried this zeal, passion, and enthusiasm to teach and accumulate students…!

The moment the teacher is born, the teacher happens… it is the death of the student. The whole opportunism faces death, and the teacher keeps on teaching himself, herself! No sooner, the person has realized he or she has not become a teacher, there are no lessons to learn, which means there is nothing to impart, decide, begin and establish, then there is nothing right or wrong to feel or question about, decide and act!

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