Mind watching…

There is no possibility of remembering what has been found and understood, and later repeating it to oneself. It disappears as a dream disappears. Perhaps it is all nothing but a dream.” 
P.D. Ouspensky, A New Model of the Universe

How different does it feel to be watched?

The human body has no idea it is being watched all its life. And, what runs through this biological system, has its own way of living – whether it is seeking to know or not – it knows itself – knows who it is, and lives through the tantrums of the body, whether the body remains in good or bad health. Do we feed the mind or the body, to keep them alive, and does the mind ever face its death if not fed well?

The constant characteristic of the mind is solely, to watch all the time. What the mind watches and doesn’t – there can be no perfect analysis, we can assume. It is only the memory, which reminds us, time to time, what we have noticed, absorbed, interpreted, and the same memory helps us derive a new interpretation to the same object which was noticed millions or trillions of years back.

All of us are watched by someone or other and we cannot avoid being watched or watching. When we witness a murder or rape, we understand and undergo the trauma of the pain inflicted – and also the person suffering has received the memory of aggression from the aggressor. A slow death happens and the person enters a state of coma, unconsciousness or death.

When the mind watches somebody, this mind can be watched while watching, entering a state of decision, and decisive action. If the mind power is not extensive enough to prevent the aggressor, it means the mind hasn’t been in the precautionary mode, to fence the aggression. That is because, we believe and live in a physical world where we are forced to connect only with the body, thinking we have no way to protect ourselves mentally enough, to ward off the physical contact.

When we notice something interesting, such as – a book… there is a message of the author’s mind we try to connect with, and even though the message our minds derive through contemplation, may be partially intuitive, there are stored subconscious memories which aid us to connect with the book, to arrive at a decision – if we should go for it or not.

Is it possible avoid murder, rape, and burglary?

Firstly, we have to realize there are different kinds of thought forces active in different people’s minds and each thought force has its own magnetic force of attraction and repulsion. There is no God, who can come and intervene any atrocity, crime, poverty, or even stop a millionaire running into bankruptcy.

So, if we don’t for a while step back from what we are watching, to watch the space in between the sequential thoughts, producing different emotions, then we are not arresting judgment. And when we don’t arrest judgment, we have an action to witness, and a reaction to experience.

What we choose to get attracted to, are the objects which get drawn to us. And, we make unconscious choices, and we cannot even remember when we attracted a small blade to invite the wound on our chin while shaving. We even attract fatal accidents as much as, ward them off depending on the reflex of the moment – how quick the mind can jump out of the present senses of the environment it is engrossed in, able to find an escape route.

Finally, whether we succumb or defeat the challenging situation – the world seems to the mind, the psyche, totally real, and it is real. But the attempt – in spite of fighting for justice, revenge, starvation, poverty.. has to be only be fighting against that which disturbs us, or lures us too much… as even extreme pride, and happiness from the sensory is definitely bound to take is to the next point of disappointment.. and this betrayal by the future which keeps on promising happiness with bright hope, needs to arrested….and if we don’t give up on that moment of pain inflicted, and give up on the accused, then we are simply wasting precious time to give in more to the awareness of the timeless neutral, and in it lies all the answers and solutions, apart from those offered by the judiciary, police, political system – local and international.

The argument can continue with this question, “How can you ever think of asking someone in such a traumatic phase to internalize and let go, when it’s simply not easy to forget everything?”.

Who can we punish for what? Do we punish a man or a woman for cheating on their partners, or ignore, just because we have learned to take it as a way of life? Why isn’t cheating, dishonesty, connected with a similarly gruesome feeling such as rape? This is where we are prejudiced and judgmental, biased and discriminating. The elasticity of the mind even though decides to ostracize a criminal, the same mind chooses to fall in love with the subject. The same mind which stabs a knife, lends money, builds shelter and feeds somebody, undergoes infatuation and all kinds of temptations. It is not the characteristic of the person, it is the characteristic of the memory projected as the world, and this world is simply a memorized view, and we all have rehearsed characters playing multiple roles.

So, if we don’t for a while step back from what we are watching, to watch the space in between the sequential thoughts, producing different emotions, then we are not arresting judgment. And when we don’t arrest judgment, we have an action to witness, and a reaction to experience.

The person we are – is determined by the way we want to utilize the universal will – whether to control the straying mind and senses or whether to simply let go and sink into this moment of the will and look for ourselves, how it influences one mind in all of this universe, shaping into different emotions, and bodies – and different worlds – a complete portrayal of a mixed pot, and still the universe remains undisturbed.

The mother’s womb will always be the womb!

Brief moments of life, stored in our psyches – Neutral Revisited

What is exactly the neutral state of consciousness?

We first have to start with period moments of withdrawal from the screen of external awareness. A simple and spontaneous seeking leads us automatically to focus on our breathing… when we are suddenly take over with this feeling of the environment, holding us back down to a realm which is extremely downtrodden, aggressive on our sense perception, suffocating us day and night, from which we need to liberate ourselves completely, to such an extent that we just don’t want to get controlled by anybody or any circumstance of our lives anymore!

The outer realm which we perceive can only be detached, when we voluntarily step back from every kind of impulsive thought. That is when we face our inner persons.

To experience that ultimate freedom, we first have to experience extreme sorrow, and suffering.. pain.. disillusion. Such a moment in our lives, would not even allow us to breathe anymore. What is it that holds the breath? And, what is that intense emotion, feeling.. and sensation which constantly reminds us to breathe?

We may say, breathing is a natural and physiological as well as psychological phenomenon. But, the pattern of inhalation and exhalation itself is a stored pattern of memory – something reminding us who we are – we are alive – we are hungry – we need sex…. we need to talk… and so on.. and on!

What kind of desire is it, and why is it so strong, not to allow us to break out of this cycle? It is not very difficult to answer this question, and all of us know the reasons. There is no perfect state as neutral state which can be described as – only this is like this, or like that.. except that all gurus say, it is permanent bliss, calm, peace.. and unconditional love.. !

All of these are only words.. and mere terms to define something which may rather never get defined at all. If the person is not there to embrace us, then we rather not personify anything! And, this is how the seeking to realize a neutral mind, to reach a point of zero, where no negative or positive idea, imagination, fantasy, desire or ambition exists.

If the neutral state of the being is to be described – then understanding the universe is the best way. A state which, never allows us to sink into sorrow, grow greedy over desires, and a state which doesn’t even allow a speck of pride or arrogance, where every idea and visual perception of life becomes meaningless – and only the peace emanating from the core of our being, begins to connect with every energy particle as that infinite source – is the neutral consciousness.

End of all judgement is exactly the neutral state of consciousness!

Brief moments of life, stored in our psyches – The Neutral

Does the psyche function in the neutral?

There is no guided thought to the neutral. The neutral consciousness, vis-a-vie, i.e., universal, functions independent of thought. Whether we look at a bird, and our memory reminds us – “it is a bird”, or, we have to decide to make relevant choices such as shopping and involving in simple activities – the neutral never demands anything… because there is no point of sensory desire functioning in a state of the absolute.. where thought isn’t the absolute force controlling us.

The function of the psyche, involves the unconscious and subconscious mind. Whatever is stored in our deepest memories of the subconscious replicates itself into various emotions, and actions – created from known and unknown desires. What remains unknown to the human being, and yet happens to replicate in a repetitive pattern, as all beings find it difficult to explain their own impulsive reactions based on different emotions – is the constant function of the unconscious mind. The accumulated memories which are partially visible and mostly invisible to our awareness, shapes up into a personality of every being.

The psyche does not become irrelevant, when the mind attains a neutral state, where thought process is totally absent.There is always a space gap in between sequential thoughts. Either we notice this gap or we don’t. We have a choice to notice this gap or we don’t, depending upon the density and restlessness of the thought force which plays a dominant factor in our memories. This duration of this gap varies from a millionth of a second to a couple of seconds to minutes, to hours.. and it can even extend for days, months and years. The psyche even though functional throughout our lifetime, enters cessation whenever the gap of silence arises between thoughts.

This gap between thoughts is not a short space like a container holding biscuits with relevant space between one another. This gap is limitless, but seems short and is not visible to the conscious mind, because the latter is predominantly muddled up with stored memories of imagery perception of the finite world. This gap we notice between thoughts is the neutral consciousness. This neutral state exists in every being, and is infinite in nature, just like every thought exists in every being. So, whether the psyche is functional or not – the neutral consciousness is always passive witness to the surfacing thoughts – like particles floating on the river stream.

The psyche does function in the neutral state of mind regardless the owner of the thought. It is simply a matter of power of detachment from thought memory. If we create or invent something, we still may not want to possess it, and simply give it away, or, may override with pride of ownership. This is the basic difference between the psyche functioning in a neutral state of mind holding onto the identity, that it is functional, or dropping the identity altogether, to allow this gap of the neutral between thoughts to become predominant allowing its infinite nature to resuscitate by realizing, thoughts are nothing but energy clouds which can be vaporized, and recreated, once the infinite nature takes over our personalities.

to be contd..

Brief moments of life, stored in our psyches – The underwear miracle!

A projection of patterns!

Whether it is about making sexist remarks at somebody, or holding prejudices against all sexes, the pattern of the conditioning, forces us to judge the imagery perception of a man walking into a shop, buying a pack of condoms or clothes or anything. Every mannerism of any conscious being visible is prone to judgement, till we don’t realize the neutral state of mind. And, even if he does, he is not supposed to speak about it with his male or female friends! What is the eternal factor of the mind which conditions us into a pattern of – must do, and must not do. Becoming thoughtless does not mean, non-existence of thought. It simply means reaching out to the absolute state of the consciousness which is free of thinking. All of us need a thought to allow universal consciousness to express itself through finite medium – but in the end – the expression itself is infinite, whether visible or invisible.

Are we truly growing and evolving in the liberal manner?, is something none of us would want to reflect nor, bother to give an ear to a voice lent voluntarily. Even if it may be a case of men and women facing each other regarding contraceptives, or, inner wear, I have often had the experience when it comes to facing a man, being a man myself, many succumb to unease. The funniest incident I noticed recently was when I was talking to my friend, who owns a garment shop. Just like any usual customer, I noticed a man, aged between 22-24, ride down and park his bike outside the shop. But, the most concerning bit was the expression he was carrying on his face. He looked totally shy, and uncomfortable, distorted expression with his mouth crouched sideways, unable to raise his eyes or hold his chin up, suffering from low self-esteem, wondering people may make fun of him, if they got to know he was there to purchase pairs of underwear.

The minute he walked in, he was totally ashamed of himself, looked sideways and avoiding our gaze. Feeling totally embarrassed, he whispered, “Uncle! Give me underwear (in, Hindi)!”… Realizing, he was uncomfortable to face it with the world, that he needs to buy underwear, I stepped outside for a smoke, to allow him some space with my friend. But he didn’t seem comfortable at all.. even after he was done with his shopping. He walked out in a couple of minutes, got on his bike, observing me with all curiosity, if I wasn’t finding him weird or shameful, as if he questioned me, “Aren’t you feeling strange to be present especially when people have something personal to lookout for?”.

In the midst of these experiences, we practice yoga, meditation, spirituality, and read all kinds of books, watch movies, listen to music.. and of course, we never stop making and meeting friends.  Continue reading “Brief moments of life, stored in our psyches – The underwear miracle!”

Brief moments of life, stored in our psyches

A proper perception?

I cannot understand my own body needs, regarding when it may need food, water, or sex… apart from longing for companionship, and social visits, or even the need for appreciation whenever I step out into the world. But, every moment, when a need arises, there is either a hesitation – whether I should go for the choice, prodded by desire, or if I should remain content with what I already am provided with, and step back from the thought which is pushing me with a relevant amount of temptation.

I cannot even realize if I have a desire to have sex witFeatured imageh a woman, or not.. but at the very slightest glimpse of this energy in me, and of course…. admiring a beautiful woman is what I enjoy!,.. but apart from that – eternity guides along, to voice the search of the neutral perception of every minute, which may introduce us to anything unforeseen and unexpected. But was that the reason for me to decide, I should buy condoms?

Situation Embarrassing?

I decided to enter this shop, full of women, and the lady at the door had the usual expression of any shopkeeper, “Yes.. please?”. And, I spoke in a slightly husky tone, “Contraceptives?”.. and, she just gestured smiling, asking me to step forward towards the counter. I was amused, and unaware.. who I was supposed to approach next.. and, there were was one girl at the cash desk, and another standing by the shelves..! I looked at both of them and mentioned in the same husky tone, “Contraceptives?”.. and none of them were willing to say a word or do anything about drawing out a pack of condoms.. and were pretending to hear nothing!

Awareness of AIDS!!! Hearing.. or not?? The woman in the alley, gestured her friend to speak up or do something.. and that lady.. at the counter.. simply aghast.. raised eyebrows, shocked.. uneasy.. and uncomfortable.. raised her hands sideways.. with her mouth wide open..  with an inexplicable charade – “I can’t” – which I had to listen to, without my hearing aids.. which I’d never bought.. and probably.. my eardrums were too sensitive that day.

I simply smirked..  and felt so amused at their behaviour, wondered – which part of the 21st Century, am I living in? You operate a health, and cosmetic shop, and find it embarrassing to hand me a box of contraceptives? This is a reputed chain of stores, where even men are employed.

The psyche!,.. didn’t ask you to have sex and I didn’t walk in with a high libido.. and they weren’t asked to stand naked either..!

Are we truly neutral and non-judgmental about the sexist views we carry in our heads or portray?

to be contd..

lost in eternity…

I have finally, delved in poetry, which I believed would never happen. Am glad, drunken mystic lost in eternity has been realized into a book, and I hope the pen will never stop!

lost in eternity.. is a collection of poems ranging from the authors discovery of consciousness – which is universally expressive through myriad finite forms, including the formless which embraces all, including the minutest particle floating in the infinite bosom.

For e.g., this particular verse –
“As I have no form now, I will be recreated;
into unknown new shapes, colours and forms distorted.
the ‘I’ in me has faded, and passed on, to a distant land,” –
contains an expression, of the consciousness, of the experience of life, and death, which continues to bother us, teach us, and evolve us through magnitudes of, varying dimensions of creativity.