Brief moments of life, stored in our psyches – Neutral Revisited

What is exactly the neutral state of consciousness?

We first have to start with period moments of withdrawal from the screen of external awareness. A simple and spontaneous seeking leads us automatically to focus on our breathing… when we are suddenly take over with this feeling of the environment, holding us back down to a realm which is extremely downtrodden, aggressive on our sense perception, suffocating us day and night, from which we need to liberate ourselves completely, to such an extent that we just don’t want to get controlled by anybody or any circumstance of our lives anymore!

The outer realm which we perceive can only be detached, when we voluntarily step back from every kind of impulsive thought. That is when we face our inner persons.

To experience that ultimate freedom, we first have to experience extreme sorrow, and suffering.. pain.. disillusion. Such a moment in our lives, would not even allow us to breathe anymore. What is it that holds the breath? And, what is that intense emotion, feeling.. and sensation which constantly reminds us to breathe?

We may say, breathing is a natural and physiological as well as psychological phenomenon. But, the pattern of inhalation and exhalation itself is a stored pattern of memory – something reminding us who we are – we are alive – we are hungry – we need sex…. we need to talk… and so on.. and on!

What kind of desire is it, and why is it so strong, not to allow us to break out of this cycle? It is not very difficult to answer this question, and all of us know the reasons. There is no perfect state as neutral state which can be described as – only this is like this, or like that.. except that all gurus say, it is permanent bliss, calm, peace.. and unconditional love.. !

All of these are only words.. and mere terms to define something which may rather never get defined at all. If the person is not there to embrace us, then we rather not personify anything! And, this is how the seeking to realize a neutral mind, to reach a point of zero, where no negative or positive idea, imagination, fantasy, desire or ambition exists.

If the neutral state of the being is to be described – then understanding the universe is the best way. A state which, never allows us to sink into sorrow, grow greedy over desires, and a state which doesn’t even allow a speck of pride or arrogance, where every idea and visual perception of life becomes meaningless – and only the peace emanating from the core of our being, begins to connect with every energy particle as that infinite source – is the neutral consciousness.

End of all judgement is exactly the neutral state of consciousness!


Brief moments of life, stored in our psyches – The underwear miracle!

A projection of patterns!

Whether it is about making sexist remarks at somebody, or holding prejudices against all sexes, the pattern of the conditioning, forces us to judge the imagery perception of a man walking into a shop, buying a pack of condoms or clothes or anything. Every mannerism of any conscious being visible is prone to judgement, till we don’t realize the neutral state of mind. And, even if he does, he is not supposed to speak about it with his male or female friends! What is the eternal factor of the mind which conditions us into a pattern of – must do, and must not do. Becoming thoughtless does not mean, non-existence of thought. It simply means reaching out to the absolute state of the consciousness which is free of thinking. All of us need a thought to allow universal consciousness to express itself through finite medium – but in the end – the expression itself is infinite, whether visible or invisible.

Are we truly growing and evolving in the liberal manner?, is something none of us would want to reflect nor, bother to give an ear to a voice lent voluntarily. Even if it may be a case of men and women facing each other regarding contraceptives, or, inner wear, I have often had the experience when it comes to facing a man, being a man myself, many succumb to unease. The funniest incident I noticed recently was when I was talking to my friend, who owns a garment shop. Just like any usual customer, I noticed a man, aged between 22-24, ride down and park his bike outside the shop. But, the most concerning bit was the expression he was carrying on his face. He looked totally shy, and uncomfortable, distorted expression with his mouth crouched sideways, unable to raise his eyes or hold his chin up, suffering from low self-esteem, wondering people may make fun of him, if they got to know he was there to purchase pairs of underwear.

The minute he walked in, he was totally ashamed of himself, looked sideways and avoiding our gaze. Feeling totally embarrassed, he whispered, “Uncle! Give me underwear (in, Hindi)!”… Realizing, he was uncomfortable to face it with the world, that he needs to buy underwear, I stepped outside for a smoke, to allow him some space with my friend. But he didn’t seem comfortable at all.. even after he was done with his shopping. He walked out in a couple of minutes, got on his bike, observing me with all curiosity, if I wasn’t finding him weird or shameful, as if he questioned me, “Aren’t you feeling strange to be present especially when people have something personal to lookout for?”.

In the midst of these experiences, we practice yoga, meditation, spirituality, and read all kinds of books, watch movies, listen to music.. and of course, we never stop making and meeting friends.  Continue reading “Brief moments of life, stored in our psyches – The underwear miracle!”